2022 was an all time record.
Jan 5, 2023


January 6th, 2023- For Immediate Release

2022 was an all time record year for tips for Northern BC Crime Stoppers!

It’s Crime Stoppers Month and Northern BC Crime Stoppers would like to share some exciting news about your crime fighting program!  Now entering its 38th year, the program expanded its reach thru Northern BC and reached an all time record of over 1200 tips in 2022! That is an increase of 266 tips from 2021! Northern BC Crime Stoppers now serves over 30 communities across northern British Columbia by taking tips north to the Yukon Border, south to Williams Lake, west to Terrace and east to the Alberta border.

In 2022 the Northern BC Crime Stoppers Program received a record of 1211 tips from YOU!   

                                      2022                                             Since Inception in 1985
Tips Received               1211                                              21,609
Property Recovered since 1985- $3, 283,451

Drugs Seized since 1985- $35,557,709

Cash Recovered since 1985- $558,147

In 2022, Northern BC Crime Stoppers continued our very successful partnership with Shred-it Mobile Shedding Services, Mr. Mikes and School District 57! With a minimum donation of $10 per bag or box to Crime Stoppers, you can shred your personal documents safely and securely. Our spring and fall events in 2022 raised nearly $10,000! We would like to remind you of our next “Community Shred It Event” on Saturday April 29th, 2023 in Prince George at the PGSS parking lot from 10am -2pm. 

The theme for Crime Stoppers Month nationally is “Stand Up, Stand Together”. Across Canada citizens Stand Up, Stand together to fight crime. We Stand Up, Stand Together for safe communities and fight against criminal activity. Crime negatively impacts our safety and undermine our collective efforts to create healthy communities.


The Board of Directors of Northern BC Crime Stoppers would like to thank the citizens of Northern BC for continuing to provide vital information that has led to a record year for tips! We encourage supporters of Crime Stoppers to become members of our society and you can find more information on our website at www.northernbccrimestoppers.ca.

We would also like to thank the hard working and dedicated members of the RCMP in Northern British Columbia for continuing to support this crime fighting program. There are two ways to submit a tip to Northern BC Crime Stoppers anonymously 24/7 365 Days a year:

The traditional method of calling 1-800-222-8477(TIPS) and providing information to a trained operator is still very popular. As an increasingly popular alternative, you can submit a typed tip via our website at www.northernbccrimestoppers.ca   

When providing tips, please be as detailed as possible and remember we don't want your name, just your information!  All methods are completely anonymous!

As one of the many Crime Stopper programs throughout the country (87), Northern BC Crime Stoppers is a proud partnership of the local media, police and residents of Northern BC.  Northern BC Crime Stoppers is a not-for-profit society run independently of the police by everyday citizens like you!  All information received is anonymous and is provided to the police in the hopes it will further investigations and lead to arrests, seizures and recovered property.  

For more details about Northern BC Crime Stoppers, and our 2022 statistics, please see our website at www.northernbccrimestoppers.ca or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information or interview opportunities, contact:

Ron Polillo, Vice President Northern BC Crime Stoppers at 250- 612-8645.

Robin Craig, President of Northern BC Crime Stoppers at 250-565-8015.

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